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Wooden DollsWooden Dolls - A varying selection of different types of wooden dolls and wooden doll furniture, ranging from wooden nesting dolls, wooden doll houses, wooden doll beds, wooden doll cribs, antique wooden doll and wooden doll kit.

Wooden peg dolls are very early simple dolls made with peg joints, also named peg dolls are the small decorated clothing pegs made to look as human as possible. Today these dolls can fetch a high price at auction.

Wooden Peg Dolls, Decorated peg doll (Click to enlarge)
Wooden Peg Dolls, Decorated peg doll (Click to enlarge)

Peg dolls were also known as "Grodnertals", one of the best-known collections of these belonged to the young Queen Victoria, but because they were relatively cheap, they were well within the reach of most families. The Grodnertal area of Germany produced many peg dolls, a type of doll that has very simple peg joints and resembles a clothespin. Other types of wooden peg dolls were developed in later years, these dolls used peg joints to create movable limbs and head. Due to the joint being named a "peg" joint the dolls retained their name.

There are some genuine antique peg dolls still available to buy, where as some doll makers have remade new copies the originals, they aren't worth as much as the antiques but are still good to collect. Babooshka Shop sell hand made costumed wooden peg dolls, below is a one of their dolls along with its description and price:

Wooden Peg Dolls, Russian peg doll
Peg Dolls, Russian peg doll

A Russian peg doll based on a traditional design, made entirely by hand in St Petersburg.
Height approximately 5 inches.
Price: 5.00

Wooden Peg Dolls, Traditional white dress
Wooden Peg Dolls, Traditional white dress

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Children in Victorian Britain - How to make a Victorian wooden peg doll. www.channel4.com

Hattons Gallery of Dolls - Selling quality antique & fine vintage dolls - Peg Dolls page. www.hattonsgallery.com

Earlyworks Museum Hitty Project - In May 2001, a display entitled "Peg Wooden Dolls of Hitty & Friends" was unveiled at the Earlyworks Museum. An impressive 38 dolls , the majority of which are Hitty's, including some Peg woodens. members.aol.com

SP Miniatures sell various types of wooden peg dolls which are styled from different countries, below are a few of their products including their descriptions and prices:

Wooden Peg Dolls, Decorated brown peg doll
Wooden Peg Dolls, Decorated brown peg doll

Peg doll, 1 1/4 inches tall. Decorated with white paint and brown fabric clothing with floral design.
Price: $38

Wooden Peg Dolls, Plain Jane peg doll (Click to enlarge)
Wooden Peg Dolls, Plain Jane peg doll (Click to enlarge)

Plain Jane, 1 1/2 inches tall, decorated wooden peg with wool hair and purple fabric dress including white decorated and patterned bonnet.
Price: $35

During Victorian times, wooden peg dolls were one of the most popular dolls to buy, due to their very low price even the poorest of families could afford to either buy one or buy the items to make one.

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