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Wooden DollsWooden Dolls - A varying selection of different types of wooden dolls and wooden doll furniture, ranging from wooden nesting dolls, wooden doll houses, wooden doll beds, wooden doll cribs, antique wooden doll and wooden doll kit.

Antique wooden dolls are only classed as antiques if they are pre- 1930s, anything younger than that is not classed as an antique by many collectors. Antique wooden dolls are highly sought after and can fetch a high price.

Antique Wooden Doll, Early English Woodens (Click to enlarge)
Antique Wooden Doll, Early English Woodens (Click to enlarge)

During the 18th century dolls were made from materials such as wax and wood, these did not have very poseable features similar to modern day dolls, nor did they have highly defined faces, although some were better quality than others. Antique wooden dolls were some of the most popular, materials were common and production was easy. Some wooden dolls were hand carved where as others were machined in lathes or drills.

Today, antique wooden dolls are fairly rare although some genuine wooden dolls from the 18th century are still in circulation. At an auction some antique wax and wooden dolls have been known reach prices up to $1500, collectors will sometimes pay even more to own a genuine antique wooden doll. Some companies produce wooden dolls in the style of the antiques, these do not have the value or antiquity of the genuine articles as they are mainly mass produced or fairly new.

A genuine antique wooden doll can be identified from the appearance of it, depending on how well they have been cared for, some dolls will still look in reasonably good condition. The style of clothing that the doll would be wearing would be 18th century material and styling, the face of the doll is usually faded and can show its age.

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History of Antique Dolls - Early dolls made from materials such as Papier Mache and wax.

Wax and Wooden Dolls - Antique and collectable dolls, Store information, and location.

Some websites give specific guides and instructions to beginner antique doll collectors, some of the information they cover includes what to look for in an antique doll, where to look for them and how to identify a fake from a genuine antique wooden doll by looking at its appearance and texture.

Auctions are not the only place that collectors and merchants are able to buy or sell an antique wooden doll, websites such as Hattons Gallery sell a limited range of antique dolls priced at $150 and up.

Antique Wooden Doll, Wooden doll and chair (Click to enlarge)
Wooden doll sitting on wooden chair (Click to enlarge)

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