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Wooden Dolls, Posable wooden doll
Posable wooden doll

A varying selection of different types of wooden dolls and wooden doll furniture, ranging from wooden nesting dolls, wooden doll houses, wooden doll beds, wooden doll cribs, antique wooden doll and wooden doll kit.

Wooden Dolls, Set of six dolls
Wooden Dolls, Set of six dolls

In Europe the wooden toy making industry evolved from a rural craft into an organized craft guild. In the 18th century wood dolls were of the highest quality and were mostly made from pine. Dolls were hand-carved with mortise and tenon joints, had painted faces and wore fashionable clothes.

Wooden dolls were extremely popular with young children and adults alike, many children liked to play with them where as some adults would collect them and attempt to make their own wooden dolls. Other countries had became aware of the large market in making these dolls, some European countries such as Germany created wooden peg dolls which were very basic, they resembled a person by using a wooden peg and detailing it in clothes and hand drawing a face onto it.

Wooden Dolls, Wooden peg doll
Wooden Dolls, Wooden peg doll

The Kokeshi dolls were very simple in design, originally made on hand-powered lathes. Traditional Kokeshi dolls had common characteristics that consisted of a basic cylindrical limbless body and a round head. Though the first dolls might have been unpainted, today most Kokeshi are painted in bright floral designs, kimonos, and other traditional patterns. Colors used were red, yellow and purple. As all the dolls are hand painted, no two faces are alike. This is perhaps the greatest charm of the Kokeshi, some dolls are whimsical, happy and smiling, while others are serious in appearance.

Wooden Dolls, Kokeshi dolls
Japanese Kokeshi dolls

By the 19th and 20th centuries wooden dolls were considered as "throw away" items, the wood used to create the dolls had been replaced by wax substances. Today there are less than 30 genuine wooden dolls from the time of their popularity.

Check out some Kokeshi info at Wikipedia.

Wooden Nesting DollsNesting Dolls - Wooden nesting dolls consist of a figure which can be pulled apart to reveal another figure of the same sort inside. It has in turn another figure inside, and so on. The number of nested figures is usually six or more.

Wooden Doll HousesDoll Houses - Wooden doll houses are miniature replicas of standard houses. They are most commonly associated with children's doll play, but the making, decorating, and display of doll houses also forms a hobby for adults.

Wooden Doll FurnitureDoll Furniture - Wooden doll furniture can be anything from wooden chairs to small scale miniatures to fit in doll houses. Bought by collectors and children, wooden doll furniture has an important role in a doll house.

Wooden Doll BedsDoll Beds - Wooden doll beds are the main feature of any doll house bedroom, the doll beds can come in many shapes and styles ranging from modern to Victorian styling with different fabrics and accessories.

Wooden Doll CribDoll Crib - No doll house or wooden doll bedroom is complete without a wooden doll crib, these small wooden beds can come in a variety of styles and shapes and can hold dolls up to many different sizes.

Antique Wooden DollAntique Dolls - Antique wooden dolls are only classed as antiques if they are pre- 1930s, anything younger than that is not classed as an antique by many collectors. Antique wooden dolls are highly sought after and can fetch a high price.

Wooden Doll KitDoll Kits - Wooden doll kits are available in many hobby and craft stores, doll making is considered a traditional past-time and is enjoyed by many all over the world. Some doll kits also include doll house and doll furniture kits.

Wooden Doll House PlanDoll House Plans - Wooden doll house plans are what are used to create the dimensions and design of the wooden doll house. These designs can be purchased from many shops and websites, and later used to develop a new hand made doll house.

Wooden Peg DollsPeg Dolls - Wooden peg dolls are very early simple dolls made with peg joints, also named peg dolls are the small decorated clothing pegs made to look as human as possible. Today these dolls can fetch a high price at auction.

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Wooden Dolls, Wooden Stump doll
Wooden Stump doll

Dolls such as Stump dolls were very simple, they consisted of a stump of wood from a small tree or a branch which was decorated to look as human as possible. These dolls were popular with collectors.

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